Bows & Vows Prom Dress Cat Walk

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Bows & Vows Prom Dress Cat Walk

I was privileged to photograph the Bows & Vows Prom Dress event held at the Trinity hotel on Sunday 12th February.

Showing off a wonderful array of designer prom dresses by Alexia Designs and Manon Fashion, beautifully modelled by their 4 gorgeous models, namely, Niamh, Mia, Ellie, and Katie. Well done girls great job!












The girls were dressed by Katie the founder and owner of Bows & Vows and Heather the shop manager.

Further images of different dresses can be seen on the Bows & Vows face book page.














GR Photography Portraiture.

One thing that always amazes me, is, after spending out, not an inconsiderable amount of money not only on the dress but the accompanying shoes, jewellery, hair, makeup, and even transport for these prom nights parents seem more than happy to just take a quick phone picture of their daughters (and sons) looking their absolute best.

Why not have a portrait session to really remember the time your offspring has almost finished school and is starting to move into adulthood.

My portrait sessions cost just £25.  And to assist in keeping costs down why don’t a few friends get together (max 4) and we can get them all done at once!

Details of my portraiture can be found on my website www.grphotography.org

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