Hallmark Hotel Wedding Emma & Will

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Hallmark Hotel Wedding Emma & Will














Hallmark Hotel Wedding Emma & Will.  Early July saw me at the Hallmark hotel to photograph the wedding of Emma and Will. The weather was excellent and Emma looked fabulous in her dress supplied by Bride & Co in Hull.

As Emma was staying at the hotel I managed to get some images of the latter stages of her getting ready, one of my favourite things to photograph, I enjoy the bustle and the nervous tension.

After the wedding ceremony the usual group shots were taken and then some of the bride and groom both in the field and on the swing. Once the formal shots were finished the guests moved back into the bar area giving me the chance to take some candid shots of the guests, always a favourite with the bride and groom when looking at their finished pictures.

Like most photographers I have preferred venues for photographing a wedding (and some that aren’t preferred) the Hallmark Hotel in North Ferriby is certainly one of my preferred locations.

If the weather is pleasant there is a huge field at the rear overlooking the Humber and on into North Lincolnshire and if the weather isn’t playing ball there is enough space inside to take reasonable sized groups. Another plus is, if the wedding ceremony is held there is more than sufficient natural light unlike some venues who use rooms totally devoid of windows! Why oh why do venues think this is good?

I hope you enjoy the short video (less than 3 minutes) which I think tells the story of the day.

As ever images taken on the Fuji XT1 mostly with the 16-55 f2.8 lens.

If you would like me to take your wedding photographs or would like to discuss your wedding plans please get in touch.



Family Portraiture

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Family Portraiture 2


Back in the days before computers and mobile phones, a family would head off to their local photographer to have a family portrait taken, this would happen perhaps every two or three years and would be a pretty major event for the family. The resulting image would be framed and either hung on the wall or placed on a piece of furniture for all to see, and in the fullness of time would become a wonderful reminder of that families history

Nowadays it is far rarer, as often just getting your family together can be difficult with our modern 24-7 life style, this a shame as the history of your family group isn’t being captured for posterity. Personally I love looking at old photographs of my family spotting familiar faces of long gone relatives and loved ones.

Many of us will have portraits of our mums, dads, grandparents, perhaps even great grandparents. These pictures will often take pride of place in our homes, and rightly so. This being the case; why not treat yourself to a portrait sitting in the relaxed comfort of your own home, or perhaps you would prefer an outside location like East Park or the Foreshore.

I appreciate that you will have maybe thousands of images tucked away on your laptop or phone, but lets be honest they will almost certainly never see the light of day. Please see a previous blog on this subject. Why you should print

On a personal note I much prefer black & white to colour portraits, I feel black and white creates an ambience of permanency and history, but of course the choice is yours.

Family Portraiture 3


Family Portraiture by GR Photography

Standard Portraiture 1-4 people: My charges differ from many photographers, as my session fee is kept very low just £15 but no images are included within that fee. After the session I will upload between 20-30 images onto a private gallery within my web site and it is your decision whether to purchase any or not. The number of persons in a ‘home shoot’ group is governed by the space available. A standard session will last for between one and two hours.

Family Portraiture


Baby Portraits: I can use either a professional baby poser which will help to keep the little person safe, or perhaps some different props. For hygiene reasons I ask that parents provide any blankets that may be required. Whilst most mums love the new born photos, when the little one is four to six months old some very characterful images can be captured.

untitled (6 of 7)-Edit


Lifestyle Portraits. How about a walk in the park with the kids, just letting them do what they do, they will soon forget about the camera and some great candid shots should be possible.


Family Portraiture


Photo Noir: A personal favourite and there is no session charge!!

This style of image speaks about emotion, depth, and absolute simplicity.
The ‘Photo Noir’ session is always planned with complete simplicity in mind, clothing is kept dark to maximise the impact of the image. The idea is for the faces to be the main feature of the portrait, with the eyes being the point of focus.
This is a most emotional style of portraiture and is always presented in black and white.
The sessions can be done at either your home or mine, but please note the room must be very dark. The session will last about an hour, the images will be head and shoulders and some maybe half-length portraits. Sitters are asked to wear black or dark unfussy clothing. Limited to two people in each image.

Family Portraiture


Model Shoots: Very often these can be done on TF basis please contact me for details or if you have any requirements.

A few days after the photo session a gallery of images will be loaded onto my web site which you will be able to access with the code I have given you. It is then down to you if you wish to purchase prints, canvas’s etc. All payments are made to my PayPal account directly. If you require a print in a size not listed please contact me direct.

Prices for prints and other items can be seen on the portraiture page.

Please note my prints are produced by the country’s leading professional Lab. They are photographic prints! Not home-made ink jet or super market prints.


Clothing Suggestions and ideas

The selection of clothing is a very important factor in preparing for a successful portraiture session.

Dark clothing seems to slim the body, whilst lighter clothing appears to add weight.

Very bright coloured clothing attracts attention thus moving the emphasis of the portrait away from the face. If you choose lighter colours please pick pastel shades, but try to avoid pinkish tones. May I suggest pale yellows and blues?

Single coloured garments always work best, prints and patterns again are a distraction away from the persons face.

Long sleeved clothing on adults is always a better option.

A scarf loosely tied helps to frame the face.

It is a good idea for the clothing below the waistline to be darker than that worn above, as it helps attract attention to the upper portion of the body.

A higher neckline is normally the most flattering, open necklines tend to thicken the neck, V necks are ideal and again frame the face well.

Hair & makeup is very much a personal decision, but normally ‘less is more’

Favourite Images Chantelle & Alex

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favourite images Chantelle & Alex












Lazaats in Cottingham is an extremely popular venue for weddings and receptions and I am most definitely photographing more weddings there than ever. One of its major selling points is the gardens, and if the weather is at least dry some great images can be obtained.

This picture of Chantelle and Alex was taken during the late afternoon using one of the two Pergolas as a backdrop, although there is nothing particularly spectacular or clever about the image there is a certain harmony to it plus of course it does show a couple who only have eyes for each other – which is just how it should be.

Favourite Images Chantelle & Alex  Taken on the Fuji X Pro1 with the 35mm F1.4 lens.




Rudstone Walk Wedding Ami & Alex

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Rudstone walk wedding Ami & Alex







Rudstone Walk Wedding Ami & Alex

I had the privilege of photographing Ami and Alex’s wedding at the lovely Rudstone Walk back in March. It has been sometime since I was at this venue, and I’m pleased to report it is just as picturesque as I remember it, situated on the Yorkshire Wolds it has stunning views across the East Riding and beyond. Rather unfortunately, the weather although dry was cold and a bitter wind was whipping across the wide open space, which I recall was the same the last time I was there!

Ami and Alex used Rudstone for their ceremony only, shortly after the photographs they and the guests made the short drive to Drewtons farm café for a buffet style meal which featured an amazing amount of cake!

Ami had requested some pictures of her preparations something I always enjoy doing, it’s a great opportunity to get some candid and natural shoots, not just of the bride but also the bridesmaids.

Despite the wind and cold Ami & Alex were more than happy to pose for a few pictures outside luckily Ami had a shoulder shawl to help keep her from catching frostbite! A friend provided his vintage Austin (a Heavy 12 Berkley) which brought some memories back as I used to own an earlier version of this car.

The Bridesmaids looked lovely in their unusual but delightful black and white dresses trimmed in red, the theme colour. Ami’s dress came from Bridal Reloved in Beverley, always a good bet for some great deals.

I followed the couple to Drewtons farm café and covered the speeches and then got the chance to sample some delightful chocolate cake!

The majority of the images were taken with Fuji XT1 together with the 35mm F1.4 lens. Pleased to say Debbie was with me on this wedding and she acted as second shooter using the X Pro1 with the 18-55mm

Hope you enjoy the short video!!




Alcrest Academy Shoot

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Alcrest Academy Shoot

Alcrest Academy Shoot











It’s nice to be remembered!! Last September I was asked to shoot two amateur models on behalf of a stylist at the Alcrest academy, well one of those models is now training herself to become a stylist and she asked if I would pop down and take some images of her work together with a couple of other young trainees.

All the models are relatives or friends of the budding stylists and I think they should be applauded for getting involved.

The models were Natalie Denholm, Marie Brewin, May Brewin, Stephanie Dyer, Amelia Jordan, Chloe Lowther, and Kerry Blanchard. The stylists all first year were Lucy Platten, Becky Brewin, and Chloe Liddell.

Head and shoulders is all that is required for their course work, and no more than half a dozen were taken of each of these willing ‘guinea pigs’

I used a white paper background but deliberately did not blow it out to pure white, this is a personal preference (I hate the pure white look) and also took a couple using my Lastolite black velvet background, no doubt I will process a couple for myself in my favourite black and white for my website.

Camera was the Fuji XT1 coupled with the 18-55 F4 lens, almost the last time I will use it as I have upgraded this lens. Lighting was provided by a single Lencarta strobe and reflector.


Alcrest Academy Shoot


Alcrest Academy Shoot


Alcrest Academy Shoot











Alcrest Academy Shoot











Alcrest Academy Shoot


Alcrest Academy Shoot













As ever thoughts and opinions are welcome!!

Photographs why bother printing them?

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Why bother printing your images?

Cameras! Everybody has one, phone cameras, tablet cameras, point & shoot cameras, maybe a DSLR, and there are still some film cameras out there being used.

Pictures! They’re all over the shop, Facebook, Pinterest etc. are awash with selfies and people having fun sharing all and sundry with everyone. In fact it has been estimated that in the last 5 years more photographs have been taken than all the prior years put together.

Now all this is good, very good in fact, however, and this is the important bit, very often these pictures may not survive for more than a year and certainly not outlive the device they were taken on. Why is this? Why won’t these pictures last, is it because almost all the digital pictures we take are not classed as important enough to keep, or perhaps the memory on the device is filling up so older pictures are deleted to make room for new ones.

I think one reason is cost; a picture taken on a phone is free as are pictures taken on your ‘proper’ camera and this has cheapened the value of a photograph or should I say a digital file.

It is estimated that less that 1 out of 100,000 photographs taken today actually ends up being a printed photograph. Just think of those numbers 1,000,000 images 10 prints, unbelievable numbers. Our modern digital world means you can look at your images on some computer screen BUT do remember without a screen you have nothing! You may have stored your pictures on your computer in a either a haphazard way or maybe you have made an effort to make sense of them by organising them in files, but now we add another problem, technology changes so quickly we run the risk of having images stored on media that can longer be viewed. The CD/DVD is rapidly coming to the end of its life and no doubt the flash drive will be obsolete in 8 or 9 years’ time.

This trend of wanting digital images has even filtered down to the images taken by your preferred professional photographer, because all you want is someone to take some pictures and give you the disc. Then all you need to do is take them down to the local supermarket and get prints really cheap: But did you even bother getting them printed? Probably not, not even the cheap rubbish prints that supermarkets can produce for you in an hour!

So here’s a question for you:  where is this disc today? Probably in same drawer where your old phone is, you remember, the phone you took those pictures of your new born child sitting on the lap of your now deceased grandparent. Then what about those pictures your Mum asks about of your now 16 year old son or daughter – you know the ones you took when they were 2 – and your answer is? They’re on a disk…somewhere…oh but my computer can’t read the files!  Oh what a bummer!

So these ‘free’ images you are taking but not printing are indeed ‘free’

But boy oh boy those lost memories are expensive!!


So to help you keep those precious memories of your wedding, not just for you, but also for future generations of your family I am offering a special deal to all my new bride and grooms.

100 6 x 4 professional prints for £120

100 6 x 4 professional prints in presentation box £160

Photographs why bother printing them?

The print presentation box








I would appreciate your opinion on this!!

Hull Guildhall Wedding Helen and Scott

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Hull Guildhall Wedding Helen & Scott

Helen & Scott










Hull Guildhall Wedding Helen and Scott

My first wedding of 2015; Helen & Scott married at Hull Registry office now based in the Guildhall, (what a delightful difference from the previous building!!) and held their reception at the Gardeners in Coniston.

The day although very bright was also pretty nippy with a very noticeable breeze, and did our lovely bride have a shawl to help keep the cold at bay? Did she ‘eck as like! In fact this gentleman photographer lent her his own coat whilst waiting to go in the Guildhall, what a nice chap I am!

It has been some time since I covered a wedding at the Gardeners, and I must say the new owners have certainly brightened the place up, the main reception room has been newly renovated and was a pleasure to walk in to, so well done Andy and his team.

Helens dress was by Karens Bridal House and her make-up was by Marie Burton MUA (both can be found on facebook)

I have been asked why I only include 50 images on these videos, I answer this by saying it is possible to tell a photographic story without resorting to ‘machine gun’ tactics. I provide approximately 200 – 250 images on a full day, to my mind plenty for the newly married couple to look at without them becoming bored with the near duplication of image after image.

Images taken on Fuji XT1 with either the 18-55 f2.8-4 or 35mm f1.4 lens.

I hope you enjoy the short 3 minute video, and if you would like to discuss your wedding plans please do contact me and we can arrange a no obligation meeting. Prices and details of my services can be found on the wedding page.




Wedding Beverley Registry Office

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Debbie & David












Wedding Beverley Registry Office Debbie & David

My last wedding of 2014 started with a phone call in late December, was I available for a wedding just after Christmas? Nothing like cutting it fine!!

The ceremony took place at Beverley Registry Office, and the weather, was kind enough to get all the usual group pictures done. The reception was held at the Goodfellowship. It was here that I took the bride & groom portraits.

All images taken on the Fuji XT1 with the 18-55 lens.

I hope you enjoy the short 50 image video which I think tells the story of their wedding.


East Park Squirrels

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East Park Squirrels








East Park Squirrels

East Park in Hull has a large (some would say too large) population of grey squirrels. Being used to to people they are quite tame, the more daring will happily take peanuts from your hand.


East Park Squirrels

The Squirrel feeders!










Having my usual morning walk round with the woofer I spotted a few playing their usual games of ‘chase me Charlie’ in the Winter sunshine, and decided to take a few pictures, however, they soon realised I had nothing for them and started to move away, luckily a young family came along with the necessary fodder and I got some reasonable images.


East Park Squirrels East Park Squirrels East Park Squirrels East Park Squirrels

Portraiture Outdoors

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Portraiture Outdoors









Portraiture Outdoors

I love portraiture especially out of doors shoots, it makes such a nice change from the usual white background and bland “custard pie” lighting.

I decided to have a day with Master photographer John Denton, I enjoy these days just full of image taking, learning, and banter! They give me a chance to try out new ideas and of course gain insights into the way a top pro works, and let’s be honest if you can’t learn something either you’re not listening or you’re God!

Now I have had some other days with different ‘top’ photographers and in fairness have thought who is instructing who here, so it pays to do some research before parting with your hard earned!!

However my day with master photographer John Denton was not only fun, but more importantly provided me with some new ideas and techniques for not just portraiture but weddings as well. It’s great to be able to have a day with a fab model and just go and shoot some images.


Portraiture Outdoors Portraiture Outdoors












Our model for the day was the lovely Devon, one of Mr Denton’s ‘angels’ thoroughly professional, and who happily gets into position and pose, including climbing haystacks and standing next to bonfires!

Whilst most of the pictures were taken down on the farm we did pop along to the village green for a styled Autumnal shoot with falling leaves – leaves being thrown about with gay abandon by all and sundry.

I recommend all young ladies (and gentlemen) to have a session, it’s no good looking back in 20 or 30 years’ time and saying “I really should have had some portraits done when I was younger!”

Training is a great way of keeping up to date with new techniques and more importantly learning new skills, and so many photographers just can’t be bothered with it. I really do not understand this mind set, do they really believe they don’t need to hone their skills?

Hope you like the photos (and not one in black & white!!)  If you would like something similar please give me a call.


Portraiture Outdoors


Portraiture Outdoors

Portraiture Outdoors

Portraiture Outdoors

Portraiture Outdoors