Wedding Mercure Grange Park Hotel

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Wedding Mercure Grange Park Hotel

wedding Mercure Grange Park Hotel

“First Kiss”


My first outing for this year was to photograph Katie & Joe’s wedding at the Mercure Grange Park Hotel, after all the wet weather we have had to endure since the start of the year I was very relieved (as I am sure Katie and Joe were) that the day stayed dry and bright.

Katie and Joe had booked me for the full day commencing with some final preps and running through the day to include their first dance as a married couple.

I thoroughly enjoy covering the preps, there is laughter, stress, tension, and sometimes even flashes of anger all mixed together which creates a wonderful atmosphere and the end result is always worth the effort.

I even managed to grab a few shots of Joe and his ‘bestie’ as they were also getting ready at the hotel, although young Charlie the bride and grooms son wasn’t having any pictures taken, not ever, no way no how! ……………Got him later!

The ceremony room at the Grange Park is dark with no natural light at all so flash was the order for all the images taken, I have recently changed my Fuji flash to a Nissin I40 and it is performing well, certainly more consistent than the Fuji.

Once Katie & Joe were married we moved quickly outside to grab the usual group shots whilst there was still sufficient light, it gets dark at 4 during early January.

I will take this opportunity to say a word about group shots: a number of local photographers have poo pooed group shots as out dated and not in style with the modern wedding. Really! When brides come to view their finished pictures it is inevitably the group shots they look at the longest and make most comments about.

Speeches were held before the wedding breakfast and went well, not too long, and full of humour, memories, and some tears, a good mixture! Unusually the bride also stood up and said some words which reduced a few people on the top table into emotional wrecks.

The reception entertainment was a disco, plus a photo-booth was also included and proved very popular with guests.

Equipment used was my faithful newly serviced Fuji XT1, and this was the first outing for my new, (well second hand), 23mm f1.4 lens and I think possibly half of the images were shot with it a wonderful piece of glass! the remainder were shot on the 16-55mm f2.8 zoom, the Samyang 8mm was used for the dance floor images.

I hope you enjoy watching the wedding images (it takes less than 3 minutes)

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